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Well known secret superhero - Cybersecurity enthusiast #OSCP #CEH 🧙‍♂️
  1. 30 Days
  2. Skipping 1 day is okay
  3. The minimum time to study per day will be 30 minutes per day
  4. I will share my progress everyday on Twitter with hashtag #30DaysOfAWS
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My Starting Point

  1. Passing OSCP
  2. 59 Hosts to Glory
  3. The total OSCP Guide
  4. OSCP Developing a Methology
  5. Tips for success in PWK (OSCP)
  6. My OSCP Journey by InfoSecurityGeek
  7. How to prepare for PWK/OSCP (by Abatchy)
  8. OSCP Journey to OSCP — 10 Things You Need to Know
  9. A Detailed Guide on OSCP Preparation — From Newbie to OSCP

Social Engineering: The Science of Human Hacking

So much Noise

What is T-Pot?

Why is it of interest?

Andreas Wienes

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